Sustainability & Conservation

The Lamport Estate invests a great deal in conservation. As part of our farming enterprise we manage 33 miles of hedgerows and 40 acres of flower-rich grassland. Each year the Estate plants 30 acres of wild bird food plots and manage 32 acres of nectar-rich plots for bees and pollinators, 12 bee hives, 76 nest boxes, owl posts, 2 field-scale beetle banks and un-cropped margins around every field to provide a wide range of habitats.

The new Higher-Tier Countryside Stewardship Scheme will see a wide range of new conservation projects undertaken including the creation of new woodlands and water bodies, two natural flood management programmes, the restoration of three medieval fish ponds, the creation of a new Parkland Management Plan and the restoration of an oak avenue. Additional conservation strips will also be added to benefit insects, bees and birds and improved water surface management will be developed to reduce soil erosion.